Les Petites Vignes Grand Cru


100% Grand Cru Pinot Noir from a single vineyard in Puisieulx.
This cuvée, which comes from the harvest 2011 (60%) and 2010 (reserve wine 40%) is aged for 3 years. It has a limited production of just 1,000 individually numbered bottles a year.

Minimum order 3x75cl.
Subject to availability.
VAT included.

Jean-Pierre Secondé Champagne

This is very much a family business, principally Father (Jean-Pierre) and Daughter (Annabelle). Situated in Mailly-Champagne on the north facing slope of the mountain of Reims, the village is right in the middle of the region of the 'Grand Noirs' an area classified as 100% Grand Cru.
Jean-Pierre Secondé started and developed the business with his wife in 1975, with their daughter joining them in 2006. As récoltant manipulant, they have been responsible for all aspects of their Champagne from working on the vines through pressing and fermentation to bottling on their property. Importantly they also decide on the 'assemblage' of the different cuvées of which they have an excellent selection.
Their vineyards are, in the main, situated on the Grand Mountain of Reims, which has a chalk soil. The rest are in the valley of the Marne, which has a limestone soil. The terroir of Mailly Champagne gives strength, structure and nobleness to the Pinot Noirs while that of Verzenay and Verzy allows a rounded development with complex aromas. As for Sillery and Puisieulx, here the terroir confers vivacity and lightness. Their Chardonnay comes from the terroirs of Sillery, Verzy and Mareuil le Port. This first gives vivacity, finesse and elegance while following up with an assurance of softness and the aromas of yellow fruit.